Abzed is a high impact government and media relations agency acting as advisers to senior business leaders and multinational companies

Our work has taken us to G7, Davos and APEC Summits and we have served companies including Accenture, Deloitte and KPMG. We have prepared a client to meet President Obama, secured a front page story in The Economist and got regulators to clamp down on a major UK NGO.

Our current advocacy work includes the European e-cigarette industry and the UK grouse moor sector. Nearly all our work comes from client referrals. We are relentless, innovative and fast moving as we forensically expose weaknesses in our opponents’ arguments.

Our public successes include regular and extensive media coverage in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail and the BBC.

Our private successes include stopping stories getting into the media and being asked to give agenda setting guidance to top newspaper and broadcast journalists.

Abzed consistently outperforms our clients’ expectations as we undertake hard-hitting campaigns involving lawyers, regulators, scientists and celebrities.

  • "You're the only lobbyist I trust"

    House of Lords
  • "We're bloody glad you're on our side"

    Large Client
  • "Your client must be proud of you"

    The Economist

It starts with our attitude

We are never intimidated. However powerful and entrenched the opposition seems the situation is never hopeless. Even powerful alliances cannot withstand sustained scrutiny of their ideas.  A few simple articulations of your perspective to the right individuals can halt the negative momentum. Very quickly officials and journalists realise that there is a compelling alternative point of view.

Our ambition is bold: to permanently shift the debate in our client’s favour by changing statute law, judicial interpretations, regulatory decisions and media opinion.

Case Studies

close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette
Preparing to meet Obama
Grouse Shooting