Restraining Dogs From Attacking Our Sheep


We are sheep farmers who are tired of the escalating problem of dog attacks on our flocks. We are regularly sewing up sheep which can be mended and taking the heartbreaking decision to shoot those which can’t. Our insurers at NFU Mutual say that cases have gone up 67% over the last two years.

Tougher laws may help but what will definitely not is banning the only effective way owners have to stop their dogs when they have spotted a sheep and escaped the lead. That is e-collars.

These startle a dog out of its attack instinct. Some make out that these collars are cruel. What is cruel are sheep being savaged and farmers being traumatised by seeing fields of torn lambs. And we don’t like having to shoot dogs. Owners who want to give their dogs the liberty to run around the country must be encouraged to use these failsafe devices. Banning them makes no sense.


Bob Blanden, NSA Southeast Sheep Contractor
Anne Payne, NSA Marches and Farmer (Central)
Antony Spencer, NSA Marches and Farmer (Central)
Dr Yann Le Du, NSA Central Regional Team
Kristina Boulden, Kent
Geoff Boyles, Devon
Laura Cooke, Lancashire
John Craig, Yorkshire
Edward Brant, East Lothian
Samantha Hird, Lancaster

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