Dog Trainers Say Animal Welfare Compromised By E-Collar Ban


Millions of dogs live in our cities and get taken to the countryside for exercise. Sadly the off-lead fun often ends in carnage when the dogs spot other animals before their owners, who can only look on in horror as the primeval hunting instinct takes over. Presently, there are only two effective ways of stopping livestock chasing dogs: a harmless e-collar startle – or a farmer’s bullet.

E-collars are proven in science and real life to instantly stop even big dogs with strong predatory instincts. A moment of calibrated discomfort for the dog, stops ewes and lambs being slaughtered. Dogs can be pre-emptively trained not to attack livestock using much lower settings – levels akin to the tingle of TENS machines used on humans.

When used responsibly and reinforced with reward-based training, e-collars educate dogs effectively; they literally save lives and farmer’s jobs. It is madness to claim that a dog treat will trump a sheep for a predator giving chase. It is barking mad.


Jamie Penrith, Association of Responsible Dog Owners (ARDO)
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