In March 2018 animal activists convinced Michael Gove, the UK Secretary of State for the environment, to announce a ban pet on containment fences which use electronic collars. They claimed that they “tortured” pets and the department wanted to impose the ban after a rapid consultation. Pet owners were devastated as these devices were proving the only way to stop their pets running out of gardens into roads


Abzed organised a fast-paced counter-campaign. In a series of five articles in The Times we revealed that Andrew Lloyd-Webber – the composer of the musical “Cats” and a  cabinet colleague of Michael Gove used them on their pets: “Gove faces cabinet cat-fight over pet shock collars”.  We also coordinated several ministerial meetings and facilitated 500 responses to the consultation from pet owners.


In April 2018, Just 47 days after announcing the ban, Michael Gove climbed down in a statement in the House of Commons. We locked in the win with a series of newspaper headlines. Pet owners are delighted – and so are the suppliers of containment fences.